Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been a "big girl" my whole adult life.  I have struggled with my weight and body image for 14 years now.  I use to have a SMOKING hot body!  I am tall, 5'10" and in high school my measurements were 36, 26, 36.  I have always been an athlete.  But as I got older and had 2 kids, birth weight totaling 21 lbs, the weight decided to stay on.  
I run, on average, 7 miles per week, spin for an hour a week and do yoga and weight lifting in between.  I'm active, but the extra weight I have is as stubborn as I am.  The Doctor says I am "fit" yet overweight and that's just how my body wants to be.  So I deal with it.  I still work hard to be fit and eat well and just DEAL with the fact that I am a "big girl" (I hate that term btw!).  I will never be a size 4.  
All that being said a lot of fashion trends do NOT look good on curvy girls or anyone over a size 6.  So, I wanted to start a blog about what on trend fashion's looks good on REAL women.  We all know that the AVERAGE American woman is a size 14.  Most fashion forward boutiques and department stores don't carry anything larger than a size 10.  Even as Americans get larger, designers and retailers cling to the idea that style comes in one size: small.  They base the trends accordingly.  Items that look FAB on petite girls, look HIDEOUS on curvy ladies..  So, I am going to write about what works for me.  
I have always been obsessed with fashion; clothing, shoes, jewelry are my passion and shopping is my hobby.  My goal of writing this blog is to encourage and empower ladies like me that have womanly curves and a little extra "junk in our trunk" to look their best and feel confident! SO all you big titty, big booty, curvy ladies, this one is for you!  Stay Tuned...


  1. YAY! How fun! Did you totally start this on your flight out to NYC today??

  2. HEY JENNI! YOUR BLOG INSPIRED ME! I LOVE YOUR FASHION style and feel we have similar tastes, but things that look amazing on you, I have also tried on at Anthro and it looks awful on me!
    Yes, I am on the flight to NYC, gotta love wi-fi! Watching a Kardashian marathon, wrote my vows and am now working on the blog (=

  3. Jamie, this is a great idea! You always look fabulous and very fashionable!!!

  4. Can't wait to read more!!! Wish I had the nerve to do this also...maybe someday!!