Friday, April 20, 2012


Hello, my name is Jamie and I am a Shopaholic!  I can not help it!  My mom is a shopaholic too.  It's how we bond.  There is a genuine happy, warm, joyous feeling I physically get when I find an item I love and can't live without.  Or that adrenaline rush of excitement I get when I SCORE a good deal.  I know, to many it makes no sense at all.  But, retail is my therapy and creative outlet.
So, yesterday after my post-op Dr's appt (I was exactly 7 days since surgery), my AMAZING husband took me to Nordstrom and let me free (all the while very worried I would push it and exhaust myself).  I only had about 30 minutes of stamina in me post surgery, but I was determined.  I walk at an angle for the time being, hunched over like an old woman (part of the surgery).  You should have seen the way the way the other people were looking at me; very concerned and empathetic.  It was obvious that I had some sort of ailment and was in discomfort, but I'm telling you, as soon as I stepped into the door, I felt a MILLION times better!
Knowing I had little time, I quickly went up to shoes and had the salesman pull the pair of sandals I have been eyeing for a few weeks online.  As he went in the back, I hurried over to find a bra (they didn't have what I needed, the soul purpose of going), so back to shoes I went.  LOVED the shoes and had just enough energy in me to look for a spring time, flowy, bohemian top to wear to a BBQ this weekend.  The sales lady was EXTREMELY helpful as I explained my issues and what I needed.  I felt myself starting to run out of steam, just as I found the perfect top to wear.  I instantly got a second shot of energy and a smile a mile wide.
I felt like a new woman, but like a part of me was back.  I REALLY needed my shopping fix!  Yesterday was a VERY good day!

Here are the shoes and top (they do not match, just two separate things I liked).  I can not tell you how OBSESSED I am with these sandals!  They were the exact mint color I was looking for!!  They are bit pricey, $59.95, but totally worth it!  The leather is so soft!

Not a very good picture of the top, but, you get the idea $29!

Thanks for letting me ramble!  Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Oh, fun!!! LOVE those sandals...LOVE! May have to sneak over to Nordys and slip them on my feet for a try! =)