Thursday, May 10, 2012

STRAP HAPPY~ Strapless dress for $10.80~SCORE!

Happy Thursday!  It has been so warm here and summer is quickly approaching. So, strapless dresses are in season!  I have NEVER been able to wear strapless dresses before (my lady jugs were TOO big and they didn't make strapless bras in my size) BUT, as of a month ago today, my life has CHANGED!  I had a reduction and lift 4 weeks ago and it is the BEST decision I have made!  I am still swollen and bruised but the difference I feel and see is dramatic!  That being said, I headed out to find a strapless dress that I always wished I could wear.
I headed to Forever 21 (which I honestly never went to, thought it was for teens like Wet Seal) and was overwhelmed and shocked at how many cute, ON-TREND things they had and how CHEAP everything was, like SUPER cheap!  Granted the quality is poor and the items won't last forever, it still was a great place to hunt for clothes.
I FOUND THE PERFECT strapless dress! Horizontal stripes (BIG this season), very lightweight cotton, not too short, but not too long and the BEST PART, wait for it...  IT WAS $10.80!!!!  So naturally I had to buy two colors.  They look REALLY cute with a thick belt (Old Navy had the fuchsia belt for $9.99 and I got the sand color belt at Target for $12.99).
If you are MEGA-BUSTY, strapless won't work for you.  But, you could wear a short sleeve cardigan over the strapless to conceal your bra straps, great alternative.  Just try one on and play with it to see if it works for your body.
I have some other reviews and good deals I have found that I will post soon.  Have a great MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!  Celebrate MOMMA!

Here's how I paired the outfits...

CUTE Strapless Dresses JUST $10.80

Forever 21 cotton tube dress
$11 -

Forever 21 cotton tube dress
$11 -

$12 -

Miu miu handbag
$1,595 -

Miu Miu tote handbag
$1,555 -

Stella Dot dot jewelry
$39 -

$28 -

Glitter jewelry
$22 -

Stone jewelry
$18 -

Stone jewelry
$18 -

$11 -


Crochet belt
$28 -

Mango buckle belt
£15 -

Raffia hat

Seychelles Footwear
$100 -

Vogue 1950's Glamour Glasses VO2677S
$70 -


  1. I love this! I want this! I'm getting this!

    1. YAY! Teeny, they have 3 colors and all are cute! They also have a ton of other cute stuff!

  2. Looking FAB girl!!! F21 is a hit or miss kinda place for me...but sometimes you can find some gems! LOVE the necklace with it...super cute!!!

  3. Thanks Jenni! Yes, some of the stuff at F21 is very teen driven, I can see how it is hit or miss. But, some stuff is just too cute not to get (= ESP the jewelry! How are you?