Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hey guys!  Just wanted to share with you some FANTASTIC deals I have found lately.  Last night, I scored some sale items I have been lusting after at Anthropologie.  The Vallota Peasant Blouse was originally $148 and is on sale for $39.95.  I tried this on when it first came out and was in love.  GREAT color and quality, it's sexy shear but has a cami that comes with it.  I'm glad I waited until it went on sale!
The Cerise Stamped red polka dot dress is a leap of faith for me.  Two of my friends bought it and LOVED it.  It looks like it will be flattering and cling to all the right places, but we shall see when it arrives.  It was $148 and is on sale now for $79.95.  I can't wait to get it and play with some color add-ons.  I'm thinking a yellow cardi and shoes or maybe a cobalt blue...
I also have been on a mission to find a pair of mint colored jeans.  I found some online at Nordstrom and again, took a leap of faith in ordering them.  They are Wit and Wisdom skinny jeans which I bought in the dark denim and really liked, so I am hoping they fit the same.  They were on sale for $49.90!  I also had to get a pair in a rose color since they were on sale for $59.90, but they are by Blue Essence and I'm not sure how these will fit.  We shall see.  I just really liked the color!
I also found an incredibly soft Calvin Klein tie die maxi dress at Nordstrom (in store) that was on sale for $33 orig $98.  I was not looking for this, it found me.  It is so comfy and perfect for summer I HAD to get it (=
Lastly, I scored a pair of Seychelles sandals that I have been eyeing for a while.  They were orig $80 but I got them for $52.90!  I love the color block combo with the nude and hot pink on the back heel.
I can't wait to get all my orders and see how they work out.  I went a little crazy this week, but have been on a shopping hiatus for a while so I was saving up!  Anyone else find any good deals lately???


Linen dress
$80 -

Chiffon blouse
$40 -

Nordstrom Sale Finds!

Calvin Klein studded dress
$98 -

Blue essence jeans
$88 -

Denim skinny jeans
$50 -

Seychelles color block shoes
$53 -


  1. You scored some great deals!! That coral top will look so cute on you! You'll have to let me know how you like the Cerise Stamped Dress too...hope it works out for you! Great seeing you yesterday, as always!

  2. Thanks Jenni! Let's plan a Roseville day soon!!

  3. Hey there!! I just scored some sweet Mint jeans at Kohl's. They are LC by Lauren Conrad and they were under $50!

    1. Really? I will have to go check them out! Thanks for the tip!